• From
    the moment Gerry Shamray got his first box of Crayola Crayons as a child, he’s
    been creating bright, colorful images and imaginative stories. The crayons may
    have been replaced by a Wacom tablet and mixed media but Gerry’s inventive
    imagination continues to be fresh and youthful. Gerry is best known for his
    sketchy life-like drawings of Harvey Pekar in the comic book American Splendor
    that was later turned into a hit movie starring Paul Giamatti. He’s also worked
    with legendary comic strip artist/writer Tom Batiuk (“Crankshaft,” “Funky
    Winkerbean”) on the nationally syndicated strip, “John Darling.” While working
    for the Sun Newspapers chain, Gerry wrote and illustrated “The Sunny Side,” a
    weekly feature that appeared on their “Youth Page.” Gerry’s work in the
    newspaper business as an artist and writer garnered him 25 national and
    statewide awards. He also earned a local Emmy during his stint at the Cleveland
    PBS station. Gerry lives in Cleveland with his wife Tracy along with their two
    dogs and two cats. He loves to visit restaurants that leave crayons on their tables.