• I have had an assortment of interesting jobs: Cross stitch poet, studio photographer, fine arts how-to book writer and home & garden magazine writer.

    The majority of my life, I’ve been a journalist. I got my start in college as a freelance writer in Utah and then went on to work on staff for the Las Vegas Review-Journal as a reporter, then a copy editor and then as editor for the View Newspapers.

    I’ve had my fair share of one-of-a-kind interviews from Siegfried & Roy to Charo. But my favorite thing to do is interview people who have never had their name in the paper before and may never again. Everyone has a story, it’s all about finding the right hook. 
    I’ve dabbled in books for grown-ups. My girlfriends and I wrote a Las Vegas guidebook, and I’ve edited a few celebrity memoirs. The best known is “To Dance on Sands: The Life and Art of Death Valley’s Marta Becket.” 


  • At 7, I begged for my first dictionary, a treasure I read day and night and carried everywhere. 

    At 8, I convinced Santa to bring me a toy typewriter. I tapped away at the keys even after the ribbon had no ink. 
    Like Matilda, I pulled a wagon or hauled a backpack miles to the library to refuel so I could devour at least a book a day.
    I have always felt that words, stories and books are magic. They’re the surest way to transfer thoughts and dreams from one mind to another. 
    From the time I could pick up a pen, I have been a writer. For much of my life, I’ve told true stories as a reporter and newspaper editor. Now I am dedicated to giving life to the truths found in fiction. 
    My interests span from picture books to YA. Middle grade is the most fascinating. It’s through middle grade books that I formed my vision of who I wanted to be.