• I am an illustrator based in Orlando, Florida. I graduated with a BFA in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida. 

    I have worked as a graphic designer for the past four years, the last two of which I have had the opportunity to work freelance in-house with the marketing department at Scholastic Book Fairs. Being surrounded by books everyday fuels me to come home in the evenings and work on my own art.

    Someday I hope to become a full-time illustrator and possibly even a writer as I have been working on my writing as well.

    You can view my portfolio at www.gladysjose.com

    or contact me at gladystheartist@gmail.com


  • I’m an aspiring writer/illustrator, who fell into this by complete accident. I’m so lucky and grateful for that “accident” because writing/illustrating for children, in my opinion, is probably one of the most satisfying things ever! There’s just something amazing about creating worlds that children can escape to, learn from or laugh till their little hearts are content that make the journey and struggle to becoming a writer/illustrator absolutely worth it.

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