• Gordon lives in Virginia with his wife Judy, twin daughters Violet and Silver, and three gerbils who are now dead and buried. But even if they were still alive, their names would escape him.

    He received his BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design but sadly, his day job is NOT writing, drawing and coloring comic books for children. So instead he watches PBS KIDS shows like Curious George, Wild Kratts or Odd Squad and writes promos for them – among other everyday tasks.

    After many, many years of working in the children’s entertainment industry, from animation production for Nickelodeon shows to coloring comic books to writing promos for children’s TV shows, it’s safe to say that he knows a little something about children and what makes them smile.

    (Try me)


  • Gordon enjoys self-publishing his series of mini-comics, and recently published his first graphic novel for children called, MISTAKEN IDENTITY. A story about twin sisters who struggle with their friends and family confusing one twin for the other. This is a story inside another. A mysterious tale of misfits, mischief and the creative spirit.

    He’s currently working on a second series of mini-comics called, STUCK. The ongoing saga of twin sisters, growing up with and managing OCD, and a trio of dust elves – one of which gets stuck in a time loop.

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    Gordon Harris


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