• I’m the children’s picture book author of HO’ONANI: HULA WARRIOR (Tundra 2019) which is based on a true story from the documentary, A Place in the Middle
    While Ho’onani wants to lead the all-boys troupe in a traditional chant, she must first gain their respect and acceptance as a true leader.

     I BELONG: CAN I PLAY?, is based on another true story.
    Michael who is autistic with an intellectual disability, learns he is different when rules in a game at recess are hard to follow and other kids say he’s weird.
    While everyone else wants to win, Michael knows all he wants is to have some fun and belong on a team.
    Today Michael is a motivational speaker and recognized internationally.
    A portion of all book sales go to Special Olympics Canada.

    My hobbies include creating recipes and photography for my blog, running two dogs through the ravines of Toronto, gardening, and a little painting for fun.

    I’m the mom to two fabulous grown sons and we live in Toronto, Canada.

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