• Heather Lang
    loves to research and write about real women who overcame extraordinary
    obstacles and never gave up on their dreams. Her research adventures have taken
    her to the skies, the treetops of the Amazon, and the depths of the ocean. Her
    award-winning picture book biographies include Anybody’s Game: Kathryn Johnston, the First Girl to Play Little League
    Baseball, Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark,
    Fearless Flyer: Ruth Law and Her Flying Machine, Queen of the Track: Alice
    Coachman, Olympic High-Jump Champion
    The Original Cowgirl: The Wild Adventures of Lucille Mulhall
    . Her next
    book, The Leaf Detective, will share
    the story of biologist Margaret Lowman and her quest to explore and protect our
    treetops. Visit Heather at www.heatherlangbooks.com.