• Life as a middle school science, careers, and creative writing teacher for twenty-seven years has allowed me an intimate look into the minds of thousands of young adults, most of whom are desperate to find their place in a society constantly changing around them. Many have found escape, ideas for facing challenges, or simply hope for a future where they can make a difference, through reading. So every year, even though I’m teaching science, I have my classes read. And we imagine together what out futures might hold, telling stories about advances in technology that could change our world.  

    I grew up in a family that loved stories. My mom told incredible, fanciful adventures where I, along with my brother and sister, lived in a pond with tadpoles, or traveled across the dusty hills as Native Americans, or howled at the moon with the coyotes. As my mom told these stories, I became the character. I felt the water moving through my gills as I swam with Wally Wadpole. I tasted the dust in my mouth while riding my horse, Many Moons, on the hunt to bring back food to my tribe. I heard the coyotes calling me to come play, long after the stories were over. I fell in love with a good story, one that immersed me in a world that felt so real I never wanted to leave. This is what I hope to bring to my readers.

    When not teaching or writing, I enjoy spending time with the man of my dreams, Marv, and our two absolutely amazing adult kids, Danielle and Marvin. Living in Grants Pass, Oregon, affords me the luxury of ample opportunities in the amazing outdoors, as well as helping out at our local businesses, a pizza pub and cigar shop. 


  • Every day brings a new adventure. Dream the dream you want, then find the way to make it happen.

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