• Welcome! I am Helen Edwards, Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Mama. I am the Author of 2 print books, a number of e books, and the editor of one.

    I am currently writing a middle grade novel and completing my PhD thesis.

    I have been blogging since 2001 and have written literally thousands of blog posts. I have also written for numerous magazines, journals, academic conferences, research and other blogs and websites. I have been writing since I was tiny, and most of my spare time as a child was spent with my head buried in a book.

    I remember reading the back of a cereal pack at the breakfast table if there was nothing else nearby. My passion for words, pictures, creativity, nature and people, has led me through a life that has centred around stories.

    This has included working as a social worker for many years, using narrative therapy, which is essentially about stories. I founded an online counselling service for people with diabetes in 2001, well before there was any social media. I was an Australian of the Year state finalist and a Telstra Business Woman of the Year state finalist in 2016 for my charitable diabetes counselling service and blog. 

    In 2013 I started The Sustainable Home Hub (then Recycled Interiors) as an outlet for my interest in design, decoration, the arts and our planet. It took off quickly and I now have over 140,000 people following my blog and online directory for sustainable living. In 2018 I was awarded bronze for sustainability in the AusMumpreneur Awards. See more here. 

    I grew up in rural towns in South Australia with my baby sister and bohemian parents who taught me the value of people and planet. Both are incredibly clever and creative themselves.

    They filled me up with the arts, nature and sciences – music, art, literature, dance, the sky, the stars, trees, camping, roadtrips, animals, Harry Butler, The Goons, Monty Python and David Attenborough, were all part of my life. Camping in tents, climbing mountains, swimming in creeks and the ocean, and walking in the rain through forests were experienced aplenty.

    As with most people, my story has not been all light and laughter. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 12 years old and told I would never have children, would develop all sorts of horrible complications and have a shortened life – thus far I have pretty much avoided all of those things. I have lived with depression and anxiety in my past, which was a pretty crap place to be for an optimist. But I got through it and optimism helped. As did family, love, mindfulness and most definitely, writing.

    I love to share, a lot, about everything. My favourite smell is that of rain. Old things and stories make my heart skip a beat, and writing is my everything. Being able to write, makes me feel that the world is right. It was writing that got me through the dark parts of my life and has shared my greatest joys. It is writing that makes sense of things and teaches us about life. It is writing that entertains and dazzles. Books and stories and words are there in your darkest hours and your most brilliant moments of joy. Life is stories. It is writing that puts things into perspective, places you in the real world, takes you away to another world, another time and another possibility. In a story anything can happen. See my professional profile here.


  • I am Helen Edwards, writer, blogger and author. I am Mama to 3 sons and live in Adelaide with my family and 2 cats. Occasionally my parents leave their blue budgie with us and I spend quite a lot of time talking in various budgie words.

    I have been writing and reading since before I went to school. I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. So I went off and became a social worker. Seriously not writerly.

    But in fact it was, because most of my work was about people’s stories. In 2001 I decided to start an online diabetes counselling service. I have lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979. It was a hit. I ran this for more than 16 years. You can see more here.

    In 2013 I started a blog called Recycled Interiors, which is now the Sustainable Home Hub – Your Green Home and Living Hub. I am passionate about our beautiful planet. You can see more here.

    I have now witten and published 2 books and a number of ebooks. I have written hundreds of blog posts, magazine articles, social media posts and stories.

    An award winning writer, blogger and speaker, I am a PhD Candidate in Psychology and am growing Australia’s biggest green home & living hub – the Sustainable Home Hub – encouraging people to live more sustainable lives. I am currently writing a middle grade novel set in rural NSW against the backdrop of drought, which includes the rescue of a baby magpie, the most wonderful night sky, and one girl’s journey to discovering courage and friendship in unexpected places.

    I won the bronze award for sustainability in the 2018 AusMumpreneur Awards. I am a charity founder and was selected as a finalist in the 2016 Australian of The Year Awards and the 2015 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, for this work. I am an Ambassador for 5 Gyres, promoting more ocean, less plastic; and the Orangutan Alliance, promoting products created with care and without palm oil.