• A designer turned illustrator residing now in NYC, I started my affair with illustration and drawing as a child but chose to get a degree in graphic design. 

    In the first few post graduate years I worked mostly in web design, but when given the chance I created some brand characters and slowly found myself getting more and more work in illustration. First for the virtual space – avatars, virtual world design, eCards or screensavers, but later greeting cards and eventually children’s books and products.

    I love children oriented art which frees me from being a grown up for just a tiny bit and allows me to express a silly sense of humor. 
    I tend to use happy colors, quite a bit of texture, and as a subject animal shenanigans and kids (with missing teeth and messy hair) appeal to me most.

    In my spare time I drink too much coffee, raise a couple of kids, grow and kill house plants and have daily conversations with passerby dogs.

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