• I’m a freelance illustrator living in Israel and Mom to four boys, 4 cats, and a dog.

    I grew up with a pencil in my hand. My dream was to illustrate children’s books, and when my fourth son was born, I decided to fulfill my dream.

    I started working on my portfolio – and not long after that got an offer to illustrate my first book.

    My first picture book, French Toast Sundays (written by Gloria Spielman), was published in Spring 2018, and my second picture book published in 2019.


  • As a child, I had learning disabilities.

    Luckily I was born creative and it made me feel valuable, the painting gave me a place to express myself and excel.

    I would run away to my imaginary world and draw an alternative reality, but sometimes in the nights I used to ask God that I would know less to draw and instead I’ll be good at arithmetic.  

    Now as an adult I am so happy with my talent and my imaginary world that I will not replace it with any mathematical knowledge of one kind or another.

     I love illustrating so much and I feel lucky that today I am doing something I enjoyed doing so much as a child. 

    Through my works I want to give hope to these children (including my boys) who are struggling in school but inside they have a rich and creative world and one day they will do it big if they just believe in themselves and the talent given to them.

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