• I started my career as an interior designer in Budapest, Hungary. After a decade in design, I decided to fulfil my dreams and started out as a fine artist working with watercolours, creating custom artworks and illustrations for international galleries and private clients. While living in the UK for over 12 years, I successfully built her own small creative studio called ‘LeMoon Illustration’ and work as a freelance illustrator on children’s books, cookbooks, travel and food illustrations, wall decals; creating artworks for clients from the UK to the US, NZ and American Samoa Island, including publications in New York, Canada and Australia. 
    My first children’s books as an illustrator working with British authors have been published in the UK in 2021.


  • As an artist and illustrator, I am trying to show the wonder in our world through a bright and colourful lens: from a very personal view where everything is full of life and  rich in texture, where time and space blurs together creating the impossible.

    I love illustrating animals, characters, scenery, food, interiors, patterns and everything beyond!

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    100 Illustrated Maps from Outer Space


    They Draw and Travel: 100 Illustrated Maps from Outer Space: (TDAT Illustrated Maps from Around the World...and Beyond!)


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    The Best Thing I've Ever Drawn


    The Best Thing I’ve Ever Drawn!