• Jacqueline Jules is the award winning author of 40 children’s books, including the Zapato Power series, (2010 Cybils Winner), the Sofia Martinez series, Benjamin and the Silver Goblet (Sydney Taylor Honor Award), No English (2012 Forward National Literature Award), Unite or Die: How Thirteen States Became a Nation (2010 Library of Virginia Cardozo Award), Duck for Turkey Day, Never Say a Mean Word Again (Sydney Taylor Honor), Feathers for Peacock, and Pluto is Peeved. Her poems and stories have appeared in over 100 publications, including Highlights, Cricket, Cicada, Spider, Ladybug, Stories for Children, Germ Magazine, YARN, The Poetry Friday Anthologies, and One Minute Till Bedtime. Her YA poetry chapbook, Field Trip to the Museum, was released in March 2014 by Finishing Line Press and includes poems that were honored by the SCBWI Magazine Merit Awards. For more information, visit www.jacquelinejules.com 

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