• Janice’s career as a writer began in elementary school when she insisted upon creating stories with her spelling words rather than mere sentences. Her fifth grade teacher proclaimed Janice would grow up to be a writer –- a prophecy Janice blithely ignored as she went on to work as a camp counselor, swim instructor, computer programmer, and with her Masters in Public Health, directed the California Center for Childhood Injury Prevention. For over fifteen years, Janice worked at the national, state, and local level to prevent child and adolescent injuries. But in 2000, the prophecy could no longer be denied — Janice joined SCBWI. Now Co-Regional Advisor for the San Diego Chapter, Janice delights in putting the latest breakthroughs in science and medicine in the hands of young people. Her latest book Diabetes is coming out in 2010. Her other books include Family Violence, and Great Medical Discoveries: Insulin. Her articles can be found in Highlights for Children and Spider magazines. Aside from her freelance writing, Janice now works with the Academy for Professional Excellence to ensure child welfare workers, mental health professionals, and adult protective service workers get the training and support they need to help families. Check out her website at www.janiceyuwiler.com for more information about school visits and her current projects.


  • I wish I could draw, I really do. But since I don’t SEE the world except in passing – the best I can do is draw a stick figure on a really good day.

    My hats off to and unending admiration for all illustrators! 

    And to Roxyanne Young for taking a photo of me that I’m actually willing to share with others.

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