• Jeanne loves finding a true story that is inspiring and fascinating, and then using her creativity to tell the story. She hopes children will have a love of words and understand the power and beauty of words.

    Ever since she was a child, Jeanne dreamed of being a children’s book author. Along the way she has had many jobs, ranging from being a roller coaster ride operator to an attorney for high-tech companies to a writer of magazine articles to, most recently, a teacher of Language Arts and writing workshops at a public middle school. She studied literature and psychology at Stanford University, and volunteered for many years at the local public school library, the Marin County Literacy Program, and as a docent for school groups at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

    She lives in the beautiful Bay Area, California, with two wonderful grown sons nearby.

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    Ride Of A Lifetime:Swimming With A Giant Manta Ray