• I am a seasoned professional, having been a Creative Director, Art Director and Designer for nearly thirty years. I created advertising for IBM, Norelco and Barnes & Noble. I was the core member of a team that built a business-to-business advertising agency from the ground up (BBDO was our parent agency). After working for twenty years in the consumer/business-to- business sector, I moved into medical advertising. I was hired specifically to launch an antihistamine named allegra. I designed the logo, all branding materials and collaborated with a writer to put together the branding guide. While there, I also rebranded a product for Bausch & Lomb and designed a magazine for Wyeth-Ayerst.

    Upon leaving my allegra branding experience, I worked for a company named CommonHealth (owned by Ogilvy & Mather), the second largest healthcare agency in the world. I developed advertising and graphic materials for AstraZeneca, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and Wyeth. I worked on a new product launch for a brand named exanta. I headed a group of creatives for three years (writers and art directors) who worked developing every aspect of the brand. This included naming the product, developing the logo, and then traveling the world to garnish global consensus with all of the countries who would be launching the brand. I developed the branding guide and traveled for a year teaching affiliates how to use the branding, apply the branding, and how to develop their own materials and have them still “feel like exanta”. Apple was always used as an example of how branding can be done right: everything you touch, see and hear about the product must be consistent (and can be) if executed correctly.

    The branding of exanta wasn’t just about a logo. After completion of the logo development, the development of advertising began. We created a look, feel and message for the brand’s advertising that was unique and “owned” by exanta. I am proud to say that these advertisements scored extremely high in focus groups. Core creative had to be reinvented three times due to clinical trial results. Because the core branding was solid, and with a great creative team, we were able to develop new creative three times and still top the charts in focus group scores.

    I worked extensively with the internal partners that were involved with the brand exanta. This meant learning on the fly the cultural differences between team members, and learning how to achieve a common goal without fellow team members feeling completely compromised. Developing common goals ultimately leads to common pride in the end product.

    Since 2007 I have co-created and launched a magazine (which I Art Directed for five years), re-branded two magazines, and have designed seven lines of fabric for the quilting industry. Recently, I signed with the publisher Simon & Schuster and have written and designed a children’s book (I Am) which will launch in 2015.

    I have the skill sets to work as a team leader and a team member. I work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, iWork apps and iBook Author.

    I am currently working at Apple in New Jersey. I am a Creative there, teaching people how to get the most from their Apple products.

    I am a graduate of Art Center College of Design with a degree in Advertising Design.


  • Make beautiful and fun things, and most importantly, enjoy the ride doing so.

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