• Jen Reichle is a nomadic author and illustrator who loves to garden beneath the moonlight. As the mother of a tiny adventurer, her books teach children about the world around them without taking away from its magic. She uses bright colors with imaginative, reality bending illustrations that encourage readers to see the extraordinary behind everyday objects. She believes there are no ordinary things, only people who have forgotten how to see the wonder. She is a member of the Minot Area Council of the Arts, The Taube Art Museum, and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She currently resides in Minot, North Dakota.


  • ​What I do as an artist is create worlds, then invite you to experience them. As a mother, I am passionate about sharing a love of nature and magic with the next generation. This inspires the themes of my work. As an artist, I’ve been drawn to surrealism, the world of dreams, which I think shows in my illustrations and photography. I love to use bright and bold colors with imaginative, reality-bending concepts. I want the imagery and photos to convey the magic behind the things adults might mistake as ordinary. There are no ordinary things, only people who have forgotten how to see.
    Whether I am writing, illustrating, or photographing, I view each piece I create as an expression of the world it is from, different mediums that add to the whole. An illustration, a photo, or a book can all belong to the same world. It is an empire built one creation at a time that I can then share with you.

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