• Jen Reichle is a Colorado author and illustrator who loves to garden beneath the moonlight. As the mother of a tiny adventurer, she write books that teach children about the world around them without taking away from its magic. She uses simple rhymes that encourage language development and bright, imaginative illustrations that encourage readers to see the extraordinary behind everyday things. She believes that ordinary doesn’t exist – only people who have forgotten how to see the wonder. Our task as parents is to nurture our children’s natural-born connection and curiosity.

    She is a freelance illustrator who loves to work together with other authors to visually bring their words to life. Her special focus is illustrating books with wildlife, nature, magic, or spooky motifs.


  • What I do is create worlds, then invite others to experience them. I started as an artist, drawn to surrealism – the world of dreams – and I think this shows in my illustrations. I love to use bright and bold colors with imaginative, reality-bending concepts. I want the imagery to convey the magic behind the things we adults might mistake as ordinary. There are no ordinary things, only people who have forgotten how to see, myself included at times. We all need that reminder of how amazing life is and how we saw it when we were young – before we were told, “this is what it is called and this it how it works”. 

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