• Born to an FIT professor and the owner of the first video store on the East Coast, Jen Seggio had no shortage of inspiration or encouragement growing up. When not taking in the best lessons there are to be learned from cartoons, she surrounded herself with the classics (and more than a few original works of art she would display on the walls). Jen freelanced in storyboarding and graphic design before returning to her first love, children’s literature. As of now, Jen is working on her very first book which she is both writing and illustrating.


  • I don’t draw because I like to, I draw because I need to. My desire to recapture imagination and innocence from a simpler time is overwhelming. Every second I spend creating artwork is therapeutic, and it shows in the result. I know how to balance detail with simplicity to create the illustrations I would have admired when I was a child. I don’t hold back on splashes of color – the brighter the better! Color pencils are my specialty. Recently I’ve taken to using them on black paper to make the pigments pop even more. It also reflects my philosophy of making art in the world; no matter how dark the space surrounding it, the color always shines through.