• Hi! My name is Jenn Kocsmiersky.  I’m a watercolor artist and illustrator/writer of children’s books, and also a mom of two marvelous kids.  I’m also a former college instructor, novice guitar-player, Korean-American adoptee, experimental home cook, board game enthusiast, and ardent admirer of many creative heroes, including Jim Henson, Hayao Miyazaki, Julia Child, Winslow Homer.   

    I grew up in New Hampshire and now live with my kids in upstate New York.


  • I have practiced watercolor painting for a long time (20+ years!), developing a solid proficiency that has become the basis for explorations into combining it with digital media. These days, in creating illustrations, I enjoy using both traditional and digital art tools as it provides an almost infinite number of ways to make art. It’s always thrilling to experiment with different styles and techniques, and as I continue to grow as a painter and artist, I am excited to learn and progress as a narrative artist as well.