• I grew up in a smallish town in West Texas, and being an asthmatic who sunburned easily, spent a lot of my time indoors as a child. I didn’t mind though because there were books indoors, and since I was old enough to turn the pages, I have loved them. I spent many years making and selling one of a kind jewelry, but after becoming a parent and sharing my love of books with my children, my attention has turned back to my former interests of drawing and enjoying telling stories with drawings. I hope that my work will one day be published in books, but as of now I am pre-published.

    Now a resident of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I spend countless hours outside and my love of the natural world inspires my artistic endeavors as well. I truly love the honesty of pen and ink and watercolor as mediums, and strive to find the balance between rendering intricate detail and embracing fluid amorphousness in all subjects that catch my eye.