• I‘m based in Melbourne, Australia and a member of Illustrators Australia (also the editor of their member magazine Outline), The Style File and have illustrated for magazines, ad agencies, group shows and children’s books (Windy Hollow, EK Books, Scholastic, Penguin, Affirm, Allen and Unwin and The Five Mile Press).

    My background/studies have been in Communications, short courses in painting and design, as well as the advertising world’s Award School to learn more about ideas and visual language. I have a strong passion for children’s books and has previously worked in the publishing industry (travelling to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair).

    More recently I have also begun writing picture books as well!


  • Jess Racklyeft is a children’s book lover, illustrator, writer and reader based in Melbourne, who also creates work for card companies, picture books, original paintings, prints and all types of different client projects. Jess loves watercolours, but is getting more and more into combining digital work and tinker with oils, pencils and other bits and bobs she can get her mitts on. She has illustrated 20 picture books, Merry Everything and Smile Cry, have gone on to become CBCA notables, and Smile Cry was also awarded a Golden Kite Award. 

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