• Jill Carter-Hansen – Artist, animator, Author/Illustrator was born in New Zealand. She lived 3 years in Europe and later arrived in Australia in1987. where she continues in her combined mediums practice plus writing short stories and poetry (both adult and children’s) and presenting at public venues.

    Her first book THE ELEGANT ELEPHANT – a finalist in the Lothian
    unpublished Children’s Book Awards,was soon followed by ZOE’s ZOO, and THE
    LONELY GNU,She has illustrated for other authors. Her written work appears in the NSW School Magazine.

    Jill completed MA hons – Visual Narrative – at the University of Western Sydney in 1998

    She has designed and illustrated in editorial and press and written and directed, three animated films (These have been supported by the Australian Film Commission,NSW Film Office and Canon Australia) and has been represented in numerous group and solo shows in New Zealand and Australia

    Jill also creates Artist Books. Her work is held in public collections – including Rare Books. Collections in Australia and NZ.

    Support has also been received from QEII Arts Council NZ. Air NZ.and Federal and State funding support for her three ‘Poetic Films

    While lecturing in several areas of the visual arts and graphic design since1988, Jill has tutored in tertiary art institutes and schools, delivering numerous presentations and workshops to primary and secondary students in both New Zealand and Australia – including the Art Gallery of NSW and the NSW State Library.

    NSW State Library Rare Books Collection
    Auckland Public Library – Sir George Grey Collection (RARE BOOKS)
    Auckland University – Photographic Book – Fine Arts Library
    Auckland University – Photographic series – Architecture Library 
    Auckland War Memorial Museum
    Australia War Museum – Canberra. ACT 
    (Peace poster)
    Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Sydney Australia

    Angela Moreton Collection – Takapuna Library N Z
    Dromkeen Collection – Victoria Australia

    Janet Heaphy Trust N Z

    Kurungai Council NSW Australia
    Lu Rees Archive. ACT Australia

    Manly Regional Gallery NSW
    NSW University. College of Fine Arts Library – Sydney Australia

    State Library of NSW – Films collection & Works on Paper. Poster Collection

    Screen and Sound National Archives – Sydney

    Te Papa – N Z Museum of Art Wellington N Z

    The Turnbull Collection, Wellington NZ
    University of Western Sydney Library – Penrith Campus

    University of Technology Library – Film – Sydney NSW Australia

    United Contemporary Collection Auckland – N Z

    Waikato Art Museum – Hamilton N Z

    Various International Film Festival Archives

    Private Collections – Paintings and combined media:
    Australia. UK. Germany. USA. New Zealand.

    CONCEPT/DESIGN/ILLUSTRATION/ PHOTOGRAPHY (Published list free-lance work) 

    Art New Zealand

    Australian Film Commission

    Australian Society of Authors

    Australian Screen Directors Association

    Auckland City Council- Mural.

    Australian Design Series

    Australian Women’s Weekly

    Belle Magazine

    CBEs Records

    Cleo Magazine

    Communiqué Agency

    CPH Group

    De Beer Designs

    Dynamic Graphics

    Eleanor Curtain Publishing
    Family Circle Magazine

    Fairfax Newspapers

    Flying Colours Animation

    Girlfriend Magazine

    Glass Artist’s Gallery, Sydney – Invitation Design, Photography and project development
    Good Weekend Magazine – Illustrations

    Gourmet Travel Magazine

    Harper Collins

    Hiroshima Peace Committee

    Hodder and Stoughton

    John Dickson Ltd.
    Leo Burnett Agency Pty Ltd.
    Mangus Nankurvis and Curl (Thai Airways – winner of the 1991 Australia Folio-Awards for Illustration)

    Marinkovitch and Greene Advertising

    More Magazine

    New Zealand Education Board 
    Pine Street Films
    Pan Books

    POL Publishing

    Random House Publishing

    Reed Methuen Publishing

    Reno Design

    Rigby Heinemann Publishing

    Road Traffic Authority of NSW
    Sales Magazine

    Simply Living Magazine


    Stone Davies Alley – Strategic Design Group

    Studio Collections
    Studio One Design

    Sydney Morning Herald – Illustration.

    Sydney Opera House – Poster design

    Time Magazine

    The Edge Magazine

    Transworld Publications.


  • Although ideally I enjoy working as both the illustrator and author of a book, there have been many challenging and enjoyable periods spent working on the illustrations for other authors, ie the illustrations completed for Aleesah Darlison’s picture book BEARLY THERE.

    The storyboards are important and sometimes these flow easily… at other times constant   adjustments are needed to make the text and illustrations flow effectively together.

     The illustrations for NAILS, a story by Paul Jennings, were conceived of and completed within 3 weeks of receiving the assignment – at late notice – to work on. I was passionate about the story and my youngest son immediately became the character for that tale. Although he was living across an ocean at that time, his face appears on every page of that published work. 

     All of my 3 children have been drawn as characters within stories I’ve done. This is apparent in THE ELEGANT ELEPHANT, where one of my sons even became transformed into a girl…for the sake of the tale! 

    In  BEARLY THERE, (2013) I made the decision to use both dry and wet mediums in limited palette – Conte and water-colour – combine in strong design meteehods – to connect the pages. These choices worked well. 

    As a child I was always drawing and with the good fortune of being raised on a farm, had access to the many animals which I sketched – and photographed with my Box Brownie camera, given to me at the age of eight. The play of light and shadow combined with a fascinating subject or situation, held the possibility of becoming a narrative in itself. 

    Not surprisingly, most of my children’s stories have animals featured in them. Come to think of it, so did my three animated films! But I also write poetry – some transforming into songs  I sing in public!  But poems get published in the NSW School Magazine etc.

    Because I have developed many workshops and presented at schools and Educational Institutions, I am confident to present at a selected venue. If you wish to know more about my creative services, email me:  jill@visionaryimages.com.au.  

    Presently my talents also support projects in volunteer work at both the Chris O’Brien Cancer Centre and the Royal Prince Alfred Public Hospital in Sydney – including poetry for patients with memory difficulties and special projects for children and of course more and more stories – which my agent Deborah,at info@golvanarts.com.au is managing and I feel would be happy to connect with reputable publishers of children’s books who like my work and/or perhaps wish to consider my illustration styles for an existing project!

    I look forward to hearing from you. 

    Thanks for reading this… Jill.  

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