• Picture books:

    Jack Knight’s Brave Flight (Calkins Creek, 2022)

    Where’d My Jo Go? (Sleeping Bear, 2020)
    Frog Boots (Sterling, 2020)
    We Love Babies! (National Geographic Kids, 2020)
    How to Grow a Dinosaur (Dial, 2018)

    Frankenbunny (Sterling, 2017)
    If a T Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party (Sterling, 2016)
    Teeny Tiny Toady (Sterling, 2016)
    Elwood Bigfoot – Wanted:  Birdie Friends! (Sterling, 2015)
    I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! (Dial, 2014)
    I Hatched! (Dial, 2014)
    Tom’s Tweet (Knopf)
    Stanza (HMHarcourt)
    To the Big Top (FSG)
    Estelle Takes a Bath (Holt)
    Ste-e-e-e-eamboat A-Comin’! (FSG)
    Stink Soup (FSG)
    Graphic Early Readers
    Thunder & Cluck
    Friends Do Not Eat Friends
    The Brave Friend Leads the Way
    Smart vs. Strong
    Nonfiction (National Geographic):
    Animal Groups (2015)
    First Big Book of Where (2020)
    First Big Book of Why 2 (2018)
    First Big Book of How (2016)
    First Big Book of Who (2015)
    Explore My World:  Honeybees (2017)
    Explore My World:  Sea Otters (2018)
    Explore My World:  Tigers (2016)
    Explore My World:  Nighttime (2015)
    Explore My World:  Koalas (2015)
    Explore My World:  Snow Leopards (2014)
    Explore My World:  Penguins (2014)
    Angry Birds Playground:  Q & A (2015)
    Angry Birds Playground:  Rain Forest (2014)
    Angry Birds Playground:  Dinosaurs (2013)
    Angry Birds Playground:  Animals (2012)
    Cherry Blossoms Say Spring (2012)
    Winter Wonderland (2010)
    Everything Spring (2010)
    Apples for Everyone (2009)
    Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie (2009)
    Jill is creator and administrator of the Picture Book Builders blog. She co-hosts a private picture book writing workshop/retreat each summer. She enjoys speaking and leading workshops at conferences around the county and especially loves school visits, where she has the opportunity to spend time and share ideas with her favorite people, KIDS. Jill and her husband farm in eastern Iowa.

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