• Hi, I’m Joana! I’m an illustrator specializing in children’s book art, character illustration and humorous drawings for children of all ages. My work features free-hand drawn lines, judicious use of color, and a mischievous yet gentle sense of humor.

    I have created designs and illustrations for companies in the US, Japan and India as well as for private clients. I recently wrapped up work on a 12-month periodical illustration project for a company in Tokyo and have been reengaged by the company for another 12 illustrations for the coming year.

    My cartoons have been published by The American Legion Magazine, Renaissance Magazine, The Countryman Magazine and Cruising Outpost Magazine.

    In addition to my work as an illustrator, I am also a professional musician. When I’m not working, I enjoy long walks in Central Park, sampling pastries at quiet cafes and binge-watching BBC baking shows with my husband.


  • Charm, whimsy, humor and a sense of wonder all make their way into my illustrations because I believe each of us is a child at heart.