From an early age Jody Wheeler developed an interest in
    picture books, having been influenced by her Great Aunt Opal Wheeler, a renowned
    author of children’s books in the 1950’s. 
    Aunt Opal would gift the Wheeler kids every Christmas with the entire children’s book
    list of her publisher, Dutton Books. 

    Jody followed that interest by getting a degree
    in studio art and art education from Elmira College.  Having graduated in a recession, she
    ended up working seasonally in resorts in the Adirondacks and Florida.  That migratory lifestyle never changed for
    Jody once she got into the publishing field. She now migrates between the
    big city of Manhattan and the small village of Ballston Spa, NY, all the time
    working in the very portable medium of watercolor.

    Jody has illustrated over 60 books as well as textbooks, greeting cards, calendars and licensed characters.



  • Whatever I’m painting, I hope to touch the heart or spark the imagination of the viewer – no matter what age.

    Be it a smile on the face of a child reading a picture book or the calming effect of a landscape or still life on an adult’s busy day, the visual arts have the power to inspire.

    It’s fulfilling to be involved in the art that fosters literacy as well as being engaged in a variety of other rewarding projects. 

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