• John Alexander lives in Frisco, TX with his beautiful wife and Charlie Brown his Cavalier. During the last five years of his career in the high tech industry John discovered his love for writing. He now spends full time pursuing that passion.

    After co-authoring two editions of a technical book (CallManager Fundamentals – 23,000+ copies sold), he turned to fiction and wrote a mystery suspense novel titled The Enclave. 

    At the end of 2014 he thoroughly enjoyed writing a children’s book dedicated to his grandchildren titled The Christmas Garden released in October 2014. This book became the first in an “Amber
– Autumn Series”. John released the second book in the series titled A Grandfather’s Blessing in December 2014, the third, The Golden Campout in 2015, and the fourth, The Secret Room October 2017. His debut picture book, Words That Soar is due to release November 2018.


  • I write books that appeal to elementary school children to capture their imagination and help them discover the love of reading early in life.