• Joon Haque is the Founder and Creative Director of Mignonnette London British-made luxury clothing brand, a writer for children and adults, and a lover of the curious.

    Storytelling has been central to her career for 20 years building some of the world’s most iconic brands across luxury and lifestyle. Naturally, it is also the heart of her own brand.

    Raised with an Asian work ethic and the UK’s 80s DIY punk spirit, she self-published her first book aged five. Her career has morphed through various guises, all centred on her love of the curious – in beauty, people and things. This thread underpins all her creative work.


    She has a BA Hons in English from Goldsmiths, University of London.

    She also studied Creative Writing at City, University of London.

    And Children’s / YA fiction with Curtis Brown Creative.

    She now lives between London and Sweden with her husband and two small children.


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  • I have a passion for the curiously beautiful.

    In my stories for children, I want to offer glimpses of people who are perhaps a little strange, in fact being extraordinary. My stories are for the misfits, the odd bods, the ones who are not quite understood – for them to realise they are not alone, they are exceptional and they need to keep being strange no matter what. One day they will find their tribe and their very best self will triumph. 

    I believe that self-doubting child lurks in most people, regardless of their age. My stories are dedicated to that child.