• Born with a crayon in hand, Joseph’s passion for art began at an early age and published his first comic strip at age 9 for his grammar school newsletter.

    Joseph went on to develop his craft at The School of Visual Arts, earning a BFA degree in Advertising with a minor in Illustration. 

    As Asst Art Director for William Esty Advertising in NYC for clients such as Chesebrough Ponds and Nabisco ….it was here that Joseph conceived a men’s skin care product line. 

    Moved on to design and create printed collateral for Sharp and Aqua Velva.

    Created toys and games for Interplay, NYC. Conceptualizing ideas and creating working models for games, toys, novelty’s and plush to be presented to the likes of Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Kenner. 

    Also worked with noted Broadway playwright  Louis La Russo II designing the sets and promotional material for his plays, notably “December”.

    As the owner of JS Design, Joseph brings his experience to work with local and national clients to conceive, and innovative strategic solutions that help grow their brands. His company specializes in branding, brochures, packaging and print advertising. His unique approach begins with understanding a client’s history, message, philosophy, goals, and visions for the project at hand, creating, designing and implementing impactful solutions that are cohesive, smart, compelling. In short, his philosophy is to keep it simple.

    Joseph is currently writing and illustrating a series of historical coloring books that will educate children about their hometown as they color the landmarks around them. Lastly, Joseph is excited to be working on writing his first children’s picture book.

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