• Julianne Hildebrand Winter (J.H. Winter) has written books for both Middle Grade (MG) and Young Adult (YA) audiences. While seeking representation for her first MG fantasy book, Adeline and the Mystic Berries, Julianne is spending her free time editing her first book in a planned trilogy for YA fantasy readers called, Origin of Ryn.

    Julianne continues to hone her craft, talking about what she’s working on creatively, what she’s learned throughout the writing and illustration process, and posts videos and free patterns for creating your own amigurumi, all on her blog, Ink & Stitches. She is a self-taught crochet amigurumi artist in the process of writing her first amigurumi book of patterns.

    Her love for illustration has led her to pursue illustrating children’s books, be they her own or other authors’ stories. Her first children’s book that she’s illustrated, for author, K. Kibbee, is set to come out later this year (2017).