• I am a children’s writer and presenter living in Melbourne, Australia. My published books are fiction and non-fiction; picture books (K-3), information books (Y5-7), articles and verse; for Education and Trade markets. A former zoologist and zookeeper, and current Outdoor Educator at an urban farm, I most love writing about animals and nature. I volunteer as a book reviewer for the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Reading Time web site, and have experience in interactive presentations for school and library groups.


  • I trained in zoology and zookeeping. My background in science comes in handy as a children’s author because science is essentially being curious about the world, and curiosity is something I like to encourage in kids. I view my books as a chance to encourage children to be curious and excited by nature, and life in general. Not only is this enriching for children, but the more kids learn about animals and the environment, the more likely they are to care about conservation. Reading and nature are a winning combination for healthy, imaginative children.

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