•  Living at 9,000 feet, in one of the most remote areas in our country is
    not easy or convenient and
    that keeps most people from living here
    all year round.

    I love that. Crowds and traffic are not an issue –

    least not until the warm season visitors
    start arriving.

    From My View’ is my newspaper column and from my view the autumn aspen colors and winter solitude in
    our little mountain village are to be relished. Of course there is
    the intimacy with nature as
    the elk gather in the sunshine
    up on snowy hills and while we have no
    traffic lights, we wait as the deer meander through town.

    Tasks that would be
    mundane otherwise
    are also more intimate. There is no mail
    delivery; so, as we retrieve our mail we chitchat with our neighbors catching
    up on each other joys and sorrows.
    After the recyclables are sorted, a visit dump – or the transfer
    station as my friend who works there refers to it –  is in order every

    An editor friend says that it sounds so romantic to write in the mountains – indeed it is.



  • Writer and photographer.  “Nature is essential for my essence. Crystal Peak is the view from my writing nook, always changing, subtlety, my muse”