• An artist and dreamer from the age of four, Julien Chung’s career as a creative illustrator took off thanks to a dapper little penguin on a milk glass. Today he has illustrated nine books published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese with number ten coming out in 2022. Julien has garnered awards at the 3×3 Picture Book Show (New York), the Nami Concours (Korea) and the World Illustration Awards. “Hurry Up!” was selected to be exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2018. 


  • I’m a normal looking guy. If you passed me on the street, you wouldn’t even look twice. But the way I see the world? And you? It all looks a little different to me. Through my eyes, the world is made of bright colors, cute animals, and quirky characters.


    That means I see you as a lion or a giraffe or a zebra. (Or perhaps you would you be a dragon?) No worries. It’s not contagious.


    But you can take a trip through this bright, cute, quirky world of ours through my eyes—from charming, everyday items like milk glasses and piggy banks to the jam-packed visual world of picture books. So maybe it is contagious after all? Welcome to my world.

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