• An artist and dreamer from the age of four, Julien Chung’s career as a creative illustrator took off thanks to a dapper little penguin on a milk glass. Today he has illustrated eleven books published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. Julien has garnered awards at American Illustration, SOI, the Nami Concours (Korea) and the World Illustration Awards. “Hurry Up!” was selected to be exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2018. 


  • I’m a normal looking guy. If you passed me on the street, you wouldn’t even look twice. But the way I see the world? And you? It all looks a little different to me. Through my eyes, the world is made of bright colors, cute animals, and quirky characters.


    That means I see you as a lion or a giraffe or a zebra. (Or perhaps you would you be a dragon?) No worries. It’s not contagious.


    But you can take a trip through this bright, cute, quirky world of ours through my eyes—from charming, everyday items like milk glasses and piggy banks to the jam-packed visual world of picture books. So maybe it is contagious after all? Welcome to my world.

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