• I earned my B. A. in Medieval & Early Modern
    Studies and English from the University of North Carolina
    at Chapel Hill in 2013  and received
    my M. A. in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art
    and Design in 2015. 

    I currently live in NC with my husband and rather fat cat.


  • I am an intensely curious person.  I love adventure and being outdoors, surrounded by nature.  Sometimes I paint.  Sometimes I write.  Often I do both. 

    While I work primarily in traditional watercolor and gouache, I also practice a unique technique of papercutting, wherein I cut out hundreds of intricate shapes from white watercolor paper using a fine x-acto knife and paint each one with watercolors and gouache. Finally, I assemble them, layer by layer, into a deep shadow box.

    I currently live in NC with my husband, wolf dog, and rather fat cat.

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