• Hi, I am Kareen. I am excited to meet you! I am a professional editor, book reviewer and a bibliophile. I love children books and I would love to help you get your book off shelves and into the hands of readers. I have a first degree in English with Honors and I understand several style guides including: MLA, APA, and the Chicago Handbook of Styles. I am particularly in love with Christian Children’s literature. Whenever you are ready, contact me and let’s get going on this adventure!

    I am also available to tell children’s story at your local children’s church or youth book club. I enjoy a good story, and I can tell you a good one!


  • Check out my illustrations of One ear Jerge. Jerge has the bionic power to hear evil words from faraway, and by sending powerful positive words in the direction of his wicked nemesis: Evil Wordman, he defeats him. Jerge is a teenager who lives on the planet Megatrix, with his family but visits Earth from time to time. Everyone loves to see One ear Jerge destroying all negative words! Join One ear Jerge on his next adventure, when he battles Evil Wordman again.

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