• KAREN AHLSCHLAGER is an illustrator and graphic designer, living on a farm outside Cape Town, South Africa. The plants, animals, birds and the beauty of the surrounding landscape inspire many of her illustrations. She fell in love with picture books at an early page, spending all her free time in the library as a child.
    Karen’s work has been commissioned both locally and abroad for numerous clients and well known South African media personalities. Clients include NB Publishers, Tafelberg Publishers, Hodder Education (UK), McGraw-Hill (Australia), Oxford University Press, Pearson South Africa, for various magazine publications, design studios, advertising agencies and interactive learning applications.
    Karen’s illustrations for Storiemuis Book 6 were shortlisted for the MER Prize at the Media24 Books Literary Awards for illustrated children’s books. Her work is discussed and featured in a book entitled; Best Practice: The Pros on Adobe Photoshop written by Toni Toland published by Delmar Learning, New York and in the SA Art Times.
    Visit  www.karenahlschlager.com
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  • Karen loves to illustrate children’s books that make a positive impact in some manner or form on those reading the books.