• “I am an artist, illustrator and visual effects compositor living on the west coast of British Columbia.
        Since graduating from film school in 1999, I have worked as an artist in the film and television industry, In pursuit of a balance between my passion for digital and textile creativity, in 2009 I jumped down the rabbit hole to pursue my love of illustration. The opportunity to study and understand light, colour and composition, gave me the skills and the eye to create illustrations using the beautiful medium of watercolour. My whimsical, fairy tale style lends itself well to children’s books, with the goal to delight both children and adults with illustrations that tell a story through attention to detail and design.
        I feel fortunate to be working as both an illustrator and an awards nominated digital compositor in visual effects. I am a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, inspiring young minds to read.
    You can find my illustrations at karenwatson.com and a list of my film work at  http://www.imdb.com


  • Creating illustrations for children’s books is my way of bringing magic and beauty into the world while inspiring young, curious minds to read.

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