• I specialize in children’s book illustrations. Some of my clients include American Girl Inc., Flower Girl World, Highlights, Mattel, Random House, Pearson Learning, Parragon Books, and Scholastic. I recently created the illustrations for Curlee Girlee which was featured in the Grammy and Academy Awards gift bags. My finished illustrations are digital but they all begin with a sharpened pencil and paper. Before becoming a full-time illustrator, I refined my skills as a photo editor and stylist, graphic designer and art director in Los Angeles and Cleveland. I stay inspired by building massive train configurations with my children, coloring with crayons, jamming on my vintage Pearl Export drums, and wandering the children’s book section. I currently live under the big puffy clouds of Nebraska.


  • I specialize in children’s book illustrations but I have also created art for packaging, advertisements and marketing materials. People are particularIy drawn to my characters and their expressions. Previously, I’ve been a graphic designer and art director so I understand the work process from many angles. I enjoy bringing an author’s vision to life but I am also currently writing and illustrating several books. My ideas are endless and I love the opportunity to create new characters.