• Kary Lee | Author – Illustrator  
    As a kid, if Kary wasn’t in her back yard painting backdrops on her sliding glass door, or tap tap tapping at the typewriter, she was most likely directing (bossing around) neighborhood kids in one of her screen plays. After college she landed a job as an art director because she liked the bossy part. But when she started hiring illustrators she realized she was on the wrong side of the desk. After taking a painting class she discovered SCBWI, won a portfolio award at her first LA Conference and was hooked. Five picture books and a Mom’s Choice award later, she’s never looked back.


  • Pictures are the universal language. This is what motivates me as a storyteller. And as an illustrator, I create those pictures with a pencil and paint brush. Digital has it’s place, but there’s no substitute for the bead of paint  pooling on the paper or the graphite scraping across the paper’s toothy texture. The golden age of illustration fascinates me. The illustrators, the laborious process it took to create and reproduce their images and the level of respect for the craft and industry. I often wonder what it would have been like to be an illustrator then. 

    With a limited color pallet, I build transparent watercolor glazes over pencil sketches. From there it depends on my story. Maybe more pigment, maybe a colored pencil or creating a collage with some limited digital applications. Whatever the application, my goal is to create a quiet and thoughtful voice that captures the imagination and wonder of children of all ages, everywhere.

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