• Kathleen has always enjoyed a good story. As a child she would pretend to be her favorite characters from books and TV shows. Then, she began creating her own characters with stories. She discovered that the right words combined with the right image made magic. She says, “One doesn’t write stories to tell a truth. One writes stories to ask questions and find a truth.”

    Kathleen’s journey toward working professionally took her through the University of Georgia, where she earned a degree in Graphic Design. Since then, she has attended the Illustration Academy and continues to study with Visual Arts Passage and the School of Visual Arts Continuing Education online. When she’s not in the studio orchestrating words and pictures, Kathleen enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and volunteering in her community. She takes a sketchbook with her wherever she goes, because stories are waiting to be captured everywhere.



  • My goal is to create art that matters, because it reveals something new or a new way of looking at something old. I want to constantly question subject matter and materials through research, exploration, and play – to challenge expectations and assumptions in order to discover truth – to create professional work through uninhibited curiosity.