• Inspired by the art of scherenschnitte (German for scissor snips), I create original cut paper art work.   I have been a full time paper cut artist since 2008. The aspect I enjoy most about my art work is that it seems to make a strong emotional connection with others.  I love to hear why people are drawn to certain images , sometimes it reminds them of a memory or because it makes them laugh out loud. 

     I have developed a line of whimsical silhouette greeting cards that are sold throughout the United States.  I also use my images for prints, tea towels, match box theaters and other fun and useful items.  I have worked with individuals and companies in creating music album covers, designs for websites and commissioned art work.  I am looking forward to starting a creative journey in illustrating and networking through scwbi.


  • Kathryn Carr’s artistic passion is the art of paper cutting.

    Her whimsical designs are hand cut from

    black paper using a precision knife.  She strives to create a sense of movement and

    whimsy in her compositions.  Original art is reproduced

    for her line of greeting cards, prints, tea towels and

    other useful objects. 


    She shows her art in galleries worldwide and works with organizations and individuals to complete commissioned art. Projects have included website illustrations, Music album/CD covers, and custom original art.


    Kathryn holds a BFA in Art Education from Edinboro University of PA

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