• My earliest memories are those of looking out at the world and observing–noticing the tiny details of a snail in the grass or the way a cat’s tail curls in expression. As an adult, I am constantly inspired by the life around me and use it as the springboard for creating new characters, scenes, and ways to put words together.

    I was trained in Studio Art at the University of Vermont and then received an MS in Education from Elmira College. This combination of knowledge serves me well as an illustrator, writer, and graphic designer. I am driven to share and teach, to motivate and empower both children and adults to use their own creativity to express themselves and enrich their lives with imaginative thought.


  • I love colors, so any excuse to put colors together thrills me–combining bright colors of clothes to wear, using paint on canvas and in illustration, arranging flowering plants in the garden, making little still lives on shelves in my home… I respond to all things visual. I also love thinking “what if…” What if my cat went out on the town and came back wearing black hip boots and brought an anchovy pizza for us to share? What if my backyard sparrow made a nest on the tippy top of the mast of the ship and went on a high seas adventure? There are so many “what ifs.” The thrill of being an illustrator is that I can imagine characters, their colorful lives, and give them form. I start with the flat surface of a piece of paper, add line, and then a personality emerges. It feels like magic every time! From blank page to full and rich idea. The final thrill is sharing that with others and introducing children (and grown-ups) to ways they can use their own imaginations.