• Katy works with both traditional and digital media and is active in the fields of children’s literature, gallery and editorial illustration. She also is a Professor and Interim Co-Department Head of Illustration at Ringling College of Art & Design. 


    Her work focuses on visual narratives inspired by fantasy, philosophy, and nature. She imagines stories, worlds and characters to express ideas with the intention of making an emotional and intellectual connection with her audience. 


    When not working in the studio or classroom, you can find Katy biking the Florida swamps or hiking the California Sierras with a sketchbook in hand. 


    If you are interested in working with Katy, contact Christy Ewers, at CATugeau Artist Agency.


  • “Creating Space for Imagination” is a way of seeing the world with the eyes of your heart. In other words, it’s using stories and myths to communicate the deeper truths of life. The best fairytales are not only entertaining, but also thought-provoking. They allude to the transcendent and eternal aspects of our being, and awaken us to live richer, fuller lives by stirring emotions that have been hidden under the veil of familiarity.


    My approach to lifting this veil is through creativity. I imagine stories, worlds and characters to symbolically express ideas with the intention of making an emotional and intellectual connection with my audience. I also simply aspire to bring something new, something beautiful, and something filled with light into the world.


    Creating Space for Imagination is a means by which I am able to explore ideas, search my heart, challenge paradigms, and empathize with others. I want my work to serve as a space for others to do the same, with the hope of inspiring positive change.


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