• Picturebook illustrator &writer.

    Born in 1961 , Tokyo.  Grew up in Kawaguchi city in Saitama pre.

    Graduated from The Graduate College of the University of Iowa, USA, for MFA and Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo for BA.

    The Major was Book Art and Japanese painting.

    First son was born in Minneapolis,Minnesota.  Ran a gallery in Taos, New Mexico & Iwami Ginzan, the World Heritage, in Japan.

    After working as a public school teacher for many years in Japan, I entered the graduate college in the US to study Book Art. Now I dedicate myself to making picture books and being an art teacher again. 



  • I`m currently living in Saitama Japan,next to Tokyo, working at Temple University Japan Campus as an instructor to teach art courses including Book Art. I studied BookArt for my MFA and graduated from the graduate college of the University of Iowa, Center for the Book. 

    I was born, grew up in a big city and I brought up my kids in the very countryside in a mountain in Japan.

    I lived in Japan and I also some times lived in the US. 

    My major of my BA was classical Japanese painting at the Art university in Japan and I love contemporary art, too.

    The environment always stimulated my art.

    I never want to forget the spirit of my childhood and curiosity.
    I would like to challenge making any kind of art for my new picture books in the future.