• Before becoming a children’s book author, Keila Dawson worked as a teacher, school administrator, and educational consultant in the U.S., the Philippines, Japan, and Egypt.

    A native of New Orleans, her debut picture book THE
     (Pelican Publishing Co. 2015), celebrates one of the unique cultural traditions in her hometown – eating King Cake during the Mardi Gras season.  Keila has two forthcoming nonfiction picture books. She is a co-editor, along with Lindsay H.
    Metcalf and Jeanette Bradley, of NO VOICE TOO SMALL: Fourteen Young Americans Making History (illustrated by Jeanette Bradley, Charlesbridge, September 22, 2020) and the author of OPENING THE ROAD: Victor Hugo Green and His Green Book, illustrated by Alleanna Harris (Beaming
    Books, spring 2021). 

    Keila writes monthly author studies for the Reading for Research Month(ReFoReMo) blog, and reviews books for Multicultural Children’s Book Day. When Keila isn’t reading, writing, and visiting schools, she’s traveling, playing tennis, or digging in genealogical archives. 


  • I write picture books. And I’m drawn to stories that highlight diverse settings, characters, or cultures. I enjoy realistic fiction, nonfiction, fiction, and especially stories written with humor and heart that also educate and break barriers.

    I also write articles about genealogy and my experience as a third culture adult raising third culture kids. 

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    The Unexpected Expected: The Transition of My Third Culture Kids


    Dawson, Keila V. The Unexpected Expected: The Transition of My Third Culture Kids. Among Worlds Magazine, Reentry & Repatriation and (Interaction International) March 2014: 4-5. Print.


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    Dawson, Keila V. “Establishing a Community of Gens de Couleur Libres: Catalina’s Fight for Freedom.” La Créole, A Journal of Creole History and Genealogy 3.1 (2010): 26-31. Print.


    La Créole, A Journal of Creole History and Genealogy


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    LeFever, Gretchen, B, Ph.D.; Dawson, Keila V. M. Ed; Morrow, Ardythe L. Ph.D., The Extent of Drug Therapy for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Among Children in Public Schools. American Journal of Public Health. 1999;89:1359-1364.


    American Journal of Public Health