• Kelli writes stories and songs for kids and the people who love them. As the lucky mom of twin toddlers, a boy and a girl, it is fitting that her current focus is on picture books, though she began writing for children long before she had kids of her own.

    Kelli has a Master of Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University, where an award was established in her name for innovative approach to publication design (Kelli Caldwell Design Award). After working in public relations for Harper’s Magazine in NYC, she returned to Portland, Oregon, where, in 2004, she started a corporate publishing business.

    Kelli grew up in Northern California and small-town Oregon, with summers
    in the creeks of Idaho, and has spent time living solo in Finland,
    Tokyo, Vancouver B.C., and at the corner of 1st Street and 1st Avenue in
    NYC. She currently lives in Portland with her twins and husband, a big
    Siberian cat and lots of plants.

    Perhaps due to her unconventional upbringing, Kelli has always danced to her own beat. As a child, Kelli did a stint as a French clown named Rosebud; started kindergarten from a tent; lived in an octagon-shaped house on stilts; staged her first protest at age 5, by wearing a bathing suit at a nude beach; and had 50+ hamsters at one point. She has raised rabbits, angel fish from eggs, and abandoned kittens with a bottle. She currently plays ice and roller hockey, and is a collector of uncommon seeds and plants.

    Kelli is the daughter of two fine artists—her mother, an award-winning
    wearable artist and illustrator, who has created props for movies and
    children’s author promotions; her father a successful oil painter and
    conga drummer, who has painted local cultures throughout the world. Her
    grandfather also took family, including four young children, on a trip
    around the world in the 1950s and wrote a book about the experience: