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    Author of Find Your Future in Art, Kim Childress began her thirty-year career in children’s publishing as a bookseller at Kids’ Ink Children’s Bookstore and book reviewer for Girls’ Life magazine. Later she became an award-winning, middle-grade editor for HarperCollins Christian Publishing (Zondervan), and has written and edited hundreds of books, stories, and articles for children and the adults in their lives—all while raising a personal focus group of four children. A self-proclaimed naturalist married to a veterinarian, Kim’s life revolves around books and caring for critters, which have included a crested gecko, albino rat, two bearded dragons, African cichlids, 11 chickens, and many dogs and cats. Not to mention the children. Founder of Childress Ink, share the adventures at www.childressink.com.


  • Which Artist Statement I’m wondering… Opinions perhaps? I have a few…
    Advice to All: 
    1. Do not write to any market, write the story in your heart, and PERSEVERE!

    2. Remember, those in children’s publishing share a higher purpose–we are molding the minds of young ones. 
    3. Find a support system or critique groups of peers, because all artists need encouragement at different times, in a field of constant rejections…

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