• Having the opportunity to live and grow-up as a third culture child played a huge part in how I see the world today. I was born in the UK and migrated to Africa as a wee dot, which was just the beginning of my journey, after which I ventured on to America, New Zealand and finally back to Europe where I currently reside. This lifestyle gave me the chance to see how amazing and incredible our Planet Earth really is. In my past life I was an anchor and presenter for my own lounge show.  Then I worked on many different projects throughout Europe, Australasia and America. Some of my assignments included Miss Netherlands/Miss Universe, Miss World (Julia Morley), MTV, Eye Works, Smoke Free Fashion Awards, London Academy Of Musical Arts and Co-produced the Handy Hannah pilot. I  specialized in the development of voice-over artists, video training and entertainment productions.
    One day I was sitting in France looking at these beautiful French cows and started writing a poem about one of the cute calf’s.  Little did I know that this was going to be the start of Koolamundo.


  • I am on a mission to help educate children about the wonderful and interesting world we live in. So I created Koolamundo.  It is an edutainment business that entertains and educates children and families about diverse cultures and the world around them through books, songs, apps, merchandise and videos.

    Our goal is to teach all children about other cultures, languages, food, nature and to provide cool information/facts about the amazing world we live. We illustrate our rhyming books and add fun cool facts that children and their families can learn from.