• Kristin was born in Los Angeles, to creative parents,
    their inspiration an obvious influence on her writing. Another influence was
    her childhood love of fairy tales. 

    These days, she resides in Texas, with her husband,
    William, and their dog: a Boston Terrier named Buddy.

    Besides her books, she was also inspired to write a non-fiction dissertation
    pertaining to autism and has a Ph.D. in psychology.

    Her pastimes are reading, writing, gardening, and family trips, which often
    include spur-of-the-moment excursions to Gothic castles or butterfly atriums to
    promote contemplation and provide inspiration. Her new book, Dragons in the
    Glass (The Sirethiel Saga, #2), arrives summer 2015.


  • I’ve been inspired by many great writers, including Daphne du Maurier, E. B. White, Walt Whitman, Charlotte Brontë, and Mark Twain. 

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