• Know that girl that used to draw and read all the time and do not much else? Well, that’s me. I’ve always been interested in a good story and how it’s crafted. After getting a degree in Computer Animation and working as a designer for a few years I started toying with the idea of illustrating and writing children’s books. Luckily, I found the SCBWI! I’m currently the Illustrator Coordinator of the North Texas Chapter of the SCBWI.


  • I’m a Midwestern gal now living in the North Texas. I like to illustrate people that inspire me, dinosaurs, cute animals, and anything that also teaches me something new. I love using traditional media to start my process before moving on to the digital phase. 

    For fun I like hiking in parks with my family, and I love playing with my sons and dog. 

    I’m inspired by many artists but some of my favorite go-to’s are Georgia O’Keefe, Mary Blair (of course), Peter Brown, Charley Harper, and everything Pixar.