• Born and raised in Albuquerque, Kyle T. Cowan is a gay Actor & Author. He’s appeared in The Short History Of The Long Road, Better Call Saul, Preacher, War On Everyone, Manhattan, and Odd Thomas. Sunshine is Forever, Cowan’s debut novel, is available in most US bookstores and Worldwide on audiobook via Audible.

    Cowan is also recognized for Writing, Directing, Producing, Editing, and Starring in the indie feature film Camouflage, available via Vimeo and Youtube.

    Cowan graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing and Directing from the University of Colorado Denver in December 2010.

    Visit his website at www.ktcowan.com, or contact him on social media using the handle @KyleTCowan via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 


  • To preserve humanity through a unique imagination. Create new personas through an understanding of others and myself. Help better mankind by inspiring others to do well, take risks, and always have a goal.

    As an Actor & Author I will strive to create characters that are unlike any other and craft stories that stand the course of time.

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