• Laura is an illustrator working out of Austin, TX.  She is thrilled to have illustrated “Sleeping bags to S’Mores,” a camping guide book by Heather Balogh Rochfort and William Rochfort, published April 2020.

    She is also the owner of  Fisk & Fern, a little paper and household goods company featuring her silly and strange characters. Her work is hand drawn using her iPad pro and an army of pens and pencils, with her background in printmaking informing her process.  There’s always a good dose of silliness in her work, and hopes to make people chuckle and smile through her goofy illustrations.

    In addition to doing work for Cricket Media, her work has been featured in Buzzfeed and Parade Magazine amongst other wonderful places.


  • i’m an illustrator that loves drawing goofy funny characters and am influenced by my lifelong love of printmaking.